Privacy Policy

We, at TheAUTSPOT.com, strongly believe in the protection of the security and the privacy of our subscribers. The following information contains the regulations and guidelines for the privacy policy of the TheAUTSPOT.com.

Personal Information

When a user creates an AUTSPOT account, they provide some personal information such as their name, email address, and location of residence. Though this information is visible on their profile page and listed in our database, it will never be released to any other individual or business. Personal information will never be released, sold, or be made public for any reason or matter. If a user emails us, we may keep their message, email address and contact information solely to give a response to their request or inquiry.

External Links

A number of our site pages have links to third party websites, and site users are enabled to post links to third party websites on different forum pages of TheAUTSPOT.com as well. There will never be a situation in which a member’s personal information is released to a third party website. Be aware that some third party websites may try to seize personal information upon visit to their site. Once our users have already left our site and gone to another site there is nothing that we can do to prevent these third party websites from trying to probe information from our site users.

Message Boards

The message boards on TheAUTSPOT.com platform are meant for the use of public postings and public conversation between site users. The information shared on these public message boards is visible to all site users, so each user should be cautious about the information they choose to share on these public platforms.  

Private Messaging

Private messages sent to a user’s inbox will only be accessible to that specific user. The staff at TheAUTSPOT.com will never view private messages sent to a user’s inbox or view messages that a site user sent to other members’ inboxes unless there is a request for us to do so. The private message feature is the only form of messaging on the site that is visible to only the user and their recipient.


Each time a site user logs into TheAUTSPOT.com we place a temporary cookie in the user’s browser. This cookie is only present during the user’s online experience in order to allow them to navigate the website without having to re-enter their log in information. Once the user logs off, the temporary cookie is eliminated.